This website has been built to be as accessible as possible whilst maintaining a high level of usability. We have made accessibility checks at every stage of the design and development. We also regularly check the site to ensure that accessibility is maintained.

If you have trouble viewing this website, would like to provide feedback on this site’s accessibility or would like to know more about our Accessibility Standards please contact us

Change this website’s appearance

This website is built using PHP, CSS and JavaScript and can be manipulated by an individual visitor for ease of use.

To change the size of text on the website you may use the Change Text Size links at the foot of each page.

A better way to increase or decrease the size of web pages is to use your browser’s Zoom feature. All modern browsers (including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera) support a simple and easy-to-use way of making web pages bigger or smaller. You do this either by using the browser’s settings menu/button or the following key combinations which work across all browers:

Ctrl and + (plus key) togther to zoom in
Ctrl and - (minus key) togther to zoom out.
Ctrl and 0 (zero key) togther to return to normal.

One of the benefits of this approach is that the browser will retain the zoom setting. So if you have difficulty reading websites, use the zoom feature to make all websites you visit display bigger.

Change this website’s Language

We have incorporated Google translate into the website. Simple click on the translate button in the bottom right hand corner and select the flag of the country whose language you would like the site in. Google Translate will automatically translate the main site text into your choosen language.

Have text on this website read out

The site has an in built text reader. If you highlight a section of text a speaker icon will appear, click on this and the highlighted text will be read out to you.


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